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At The Hoffman Agency,

we do things differently.

Each video recounts the working experience we had on these industry-recognised projects, but retold from 3 different perspectives. Hear what our team members from various levels and positions have to say about what goes into creating memorable work for our clients and why we're Global and APAC Tech Agency of the Year again in 2021.



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Capitalizing on the “Zoom Phenomenon”

Invisalign Singapore with The Hoffman Agency Asia Pacific

With a tap of a finger, you could get your hands on some clear aligners and start a fuss-free journey to that Hollywood smile - all without seeing a doctor. But in the absence of professional guidance, patients risk severe gum and teeth damage. Invisalign Singapore wanted to set the record straight: if you want a beautiful, and more importantly, healthy smile, you need a doctor. Our agency was tasked with educating consumers that clear aligner treatment is a medical procedure that requires a doctor to be part of the process.




Tech Agency

Of The Year 2021

Holmes SABRE Awards 2021

Global Tech Agency of the Year

and APAC Tech Agency of The Year

ASML wants Taiwanese Students to Be Part of Progress

ASML with The Hoffman Agency Taiwan

ASML, a Dutch maker of photolithography systems (which helps the semiconductor industry produce computer chips), needed to recruit 600 STEM graduates in Taiwan by the end of 2021 amid intense competition. The Hoffman Agency created a campus roadshow inspired by social media buzz around ASML’s equipment delivery truck. The initiative creatively conveyed the company’s employer value proposition to students via interactive experiences, which had a direct role in collecting more than 5000 CVs, a 10% rise in considerations to join the company and note-worthy coverages across key local media.


MongGa, the Largest Online Night Market in Taiwan

iCHEF with The Hoffman Agency Taiwan

iCHEF, a leading online POS system in Taiwan, provides a platform to assist and simplify the operations of small restaurant businesses. For MongGa Night Market in Taipei, a city landmark, iCHEF introduced an online ordering and delivery platform as a way to reignite business, enabling easy orders and delivery arrangement. The project focused on communicating and maximizing exposure of the of market vendors’ resilience and digital transformation to encourage more traditional F&B vendors to adopt iCHEF’s technology solution.



Supermicro 2021 Computex Press Conference

Supermicro with The Hoffman Agency

In the depths of the pandemic, we maximized positive media exposure for server maker Supermicro and its CEO Charles Liang across the region despite the absence of Computex, a vital trade show that supported its global sales and marketing through the regional online press conference. We positioned Liang as a visionary in the computing world by highlighting his commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.


ASML China 2020 Branding Campaign

ASML with The Hoffman Agency

The semiconductor industry in China faces fierce competition with a large number of players competing to recruit young talent. At the same time, graduating students tend to compete for coveted job opportunities in large MNCs due to the positive reputation and prestige they come with. In order to appear top-of-the-mind for students when selecting a job of their choice, we conceptualized "Unfold The Truth of Engineering", an integrated campaign spanning across online, offline and digital platforms to explore the differences in audience perception around engineering, ultimately converting into CV submissions for ASML.


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