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Meet the Team

Asia Pacific | Hong Kong | Stakeholder engagement | Government relations | Policy & regulations | Geopolitical risk assessment | Issue & crisis management

Daphne Chan

From a public affairs agency background, Daphne consults for clients across APAC from the public sector, as well as technology, properties, travel, FMCG, and FSI industries. Leveraging her experience in engaging with the government, politicians, and industry associations, she advises organizations and senior management on policy and regulations, government relations, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management. She helps clients navigate social issues, market exits, restructuring, and other sensitive situations.

China | International affairs | China relations | Geopolitical risk assessment

Mo Wang

In her eight-year diplomatic experience in the Chinese government, Mo engaged heavily in public affairs engagements and strategic communications. She facilitates and fosters relations between the public and private sectors, and provides strategic insights on China-related macro and geopolitical issues for global tech clients. 

Taiwan | Corporate Communications | Policy communications | Market intelligence monitoring & analysis | Issue & crisis management

Hazel Kao

With over nine years of media and communications experience and a solid academic background in Political Science and Media and Communications Governance, Hazel is a full-stack communicator bridging tech companies and startups with civil society. With rich connections with officials, academia, and advocacy groups, she excels in advancing clients through communication strategies, including public affairs, media relations, and crisis management under real-world public issues.


We provide tech-specific public affairs consulting for Asia-Pacific. By combining our two expertise, we offer enterprises insight and support to forge strong relationships with the government and public sector, connect with the civic society, navigate the geopolitical landscape, and adapt to regulatory changes.


We are committed to helping our clients stay ahead of the industry.

PESTLE Market Intelligence Report

We help you stay on top of the geopolitical and regulatory landscape.

Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

We influence the influencers who can contribute to your business' success.

Navigating Techplomacy Workshop

We help you confidently expand into new markets and navigate unique local challenges.

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