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Using jargon nobody understands? Hard selling your product features?

Too many business divisions with mixed messaging?

We are here to bring realism back into the picture, through stories grounded in truth.


At Hoffman, we help companies form more meaningful engagement with journalists, paving the way for better coverage and mutually beneficial media relationships.


Imagine you are a client. You need the right tools to crack open your rock. We know that every company is unique with specific priorities and goals, but you cannot hope to crack anything without a solid understanding of journalist's needs (and frustrations) - expertise we bring that can be seen as akin to the tools you are holding.

Pick up your hammer and chisel



Tap all the way around to the middle of the rock

You can't just bash the chisel and hope for the best. Getting the pitch right requires sensitivity as well as understanding the roles of each key stakeholder. It's this big-picture thinking and exploration that yields the ultimate reward.


Gently hit the rock with a hammer until a crack appears

A light touch remains key, even when you've managed to get people interested in what you have to say. It will take time and patience to build a narrative and relationships that go beyond the surface.


Strike deftly to uncover the treasure

This geode will be the fruit of your labours. It may still be rough around the edges, but with continued attention, it will reveal a treasure within its center, becoming something beautiful you can be proud of.

Are you looking to solve business problems

and make REAL business impact?

Get hammering with PR+!

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