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Ready to learn about this transformative leap forward?

Join Dominique Rose Van-Winther, The Hoffman Agency's APAC Managing Director, on a journey into AI's transformative power. With just an open mind and a dash of curiosity, discover a future where AI reshapes businesses.

Download Dominique's presentation to grasp AI basics, its practical application, and long-term impact. Understand how AI could redefine your industry's landscape and potentially cutting costs by 40-60%. This vision can be your reality.

Saw us at the SYYNTHHAR AI Avatar Creation Studio showcase?


Let us inject our creativity into the transformative power of AI technologies to brings your ideas to life. As the APAC Tech Agency of the Year for three consecutive years, we can reimagine your training programs, virtual events, content marketing, customer service, and more!


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Training Programs

Virtual Events

Content Creation

Customer Service

There's no shortage of people discussing AI but how many have already made it integral to their workflows? With AI, save up to two days a week on routine tasks, focusing instead on driving significant improvements in your business's top and bottom lines. Imagine leveraging that extra time for real value creation, both professionally and personally.


Join our AI Executive Primer Lunches for practical, hands-on AI scenarios that you'll use day-to-day. 


Be in the top 1% of Executives, Investors, Founders & CEOs kicking-ass with AI - not just talking about it.

Limited spots available for two exclusive sessions. Discover more and register now at

Don't be the 99% who only talk the AI walk

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The new information age, but with rockets.

Unlock the power of AI

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